Dr. Mace’s Orbiter® Eye Shield System

Innovations in Dental Devices

Dr. Mace is an innovator in dental devices and technology. Not only does he use the latest techniques, but he also invented, designed, and developed a time-saving device to more accurately and efficiently treat patients using dental curing lights. His original device, The Orbiter, has 6 patents in 3 countries and is at the cusp of dental innovation and technology.

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Patient Benefits of The Orbiter

Dr. Mace at James Mace DDS in Washington, Missouri uses a dental curing light many times throughout the day, as do all dental offices around the world. Although the patient does not see the blue light, the dental assistant, hygienist, or dentist has to avoid looking directly at the blue light because it can damage their eyes. To solve this, Dr. Mace invented, designed, and developed a device called The Orbiter, which is an easy-to-use, automatic eyeshield placed over the blue light to protect the clinician’s eyes. It was designed to make the use of eye protection efficient, thoughtless, and hassle-free. But, what does this mean for you?

Why Patients LOVE The Orbiter

Compared to other devices, The Orbiter cures a filling in a tooth more efficiently than other filters and accurately than the practice of looking away. When clinicians use devices without The Orbiter, they typically look away from the blue light to avoid long-term eye damage or use filters that take extra time during the procedure. The Orbiter helps ensure your procedures are efficient and that your restorations are properly light-cured.

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